Food Hygiene And Polythene Packaging

From Hanmere’s UK base we supply sole traders to blue chip corporations across Europe with polythene bags, polythene sacks and polythene packaging films approved for food contact use.

There are 7,500 companies in the UK plastics industry, and of the 2.5 million tonnes of plastics materials these businesses produce annually, some 38% of this is used within the packaging industry.

From producer to consumer, food products often have a long journey. Consider the handling, storage, and logistics these items will go through. There is the potential at many of these stages for the product to be damaged.

This list from explains how food producers face many challenges. Polythene packaging needs to:

  • prevent physical damage, e.g. from knocking, shaking, or crushing
  • prevent contamination from micro-organisms, pollution, or vermin
  • protect against dehydration or dampness
  • protect the product’s nutritional and sensory characteristics
  • keep the product in peak condition
  • help to increase a product’s shelf life


All of this has to be achieved without the packaging itself contaminating the product.

The Bad Olde Days

Did you know the first food law in British history began in 1266? It was brought in to regulate the price, weight and quality of manufactured bread and beer. A few hundred years later, contaminants and fillers in food were such a problem that special Guilds were set up to try to eradicate this shady practice.

Later came the industrial revolution, which saw masses of people moving to towns and cities, and therefore reliant on food retailers. Many of these workers were forced to take time off due to illness from the consumption of adulterated food (often with poisonous substances), and a study was performed which proved the shockingly high rate of food which had been tampered with. This lead to the development of The Adulteration of Food and Drugs Act 1860.

Along with food regulations, packaging regulation has come a very long way over the years, and our food is now safer than it has ever been.

Setting Standards

We have developed rigorous controls at Hanmere to ensure that the necessary hygiene and product safety levels, and legal compliance are maintained and are proud to have accreditation from High Hygiene Category certification to the British Retail Consortium Global Standard: Packaging and Packaging Materials Packaging Standard for at Category Level 1 Direct Food Contact. Developed by packaging and product safety experts, over 3,000 packaging suppliers in more than 80 countries worldwide have chosen to be certified to certificated by BRC Global Standards., with Hanmere being one of just under 250 flexible plastic packaging suppliers in the United Kingdom certified in the High Hygiene Category Hanmere also holds M&S approved supplier status for the supply of packing to manufacturers in the Marks and Spencer food supply chain. It is important being a requirement that the process bags and transit packaging they used in the supply chain meets the stringent requirements laid down in the Marks and Spencer’s guidelines.

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