Chemical Safety – EU strengthens Plastics Regulations

As part of the ongoing process to ensure the chemical safety of Food Contact Materials (FCMs) the EU has recently amended its ‘plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food’ Regulation. This amendment is being implemented in two phases starting on the 19th May 2017….


Colour polythene film – the advantages and applications

Humans can typically perceive approximately 10 million different colours[1], though some 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women have come form of Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD)[2]. In western culture we can rapidly recognise and name the primary and secondary colours in the light (additive) and pigment (subtractive) colour systems[3]….


Glossary of Polythene Packaging Terminology

The blown polythene film industry like every other industry has its own terminology. The following glossary is a list of terms commonly used in the packaging industry and particularly by Hanmere….


New Website

Hanmere Polythene are proud to announce the arrival of our new website, launched on the 10th April 2017. The new website at supports our commitment to customer communication and builds on the continuous progression of our business….


EU Business Recycling Legislation 2017

Is Change Coming In 2017?
January is often a time of fresh starts. When you are back in the office after Christmas, it’s often the ideal time to look forward to the next 12 months and to consider how your business will meet its recycling targets for the year….


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