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Hanmere Polythene has been a part of the innovative use of polymers since our inception more than 50 years ago. We’re able to provide our customers with bespoke polymer blends in a range of shapes and sizes, including catering to specialist requirements such as requiring specific barrier characteristics or strength properties. With every Hanmere customer, we undergo an assessment to evaluate the needs of the business. This allows us to suggest a polymer solution that saves on materials, costs and weight, as well as improving the environmental impact of the business. With more than 20 years of certified manufacturing for food contact packaging in the form of polythene sacks.

Specialist sacks


  • Extra-tough, UV protection available

  • Bespoke sizing options available

  • Coloured plastics and in-house printing facilities

  • Certified by BRCGS, M&S and members of the British Plastic Federation

  • Three proprietary materials, as well as bespoke blends

  • A team of experienced professionals to help fulfill your requirements

  • Ongoing account management to ensure your business remains efficient and effective

animal feed packaging
Specialist sacks

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If you have a bespoke requirement or a specialist need for your polythene sacks, speak to the experts at Hanmere Polythene.

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