Protect your products with food-grade liners

In the food-manufacturing industry, there’s no room for error. We create Tray and Dolav liners that are designed to fit your containers perfectly whilst protecting products from outside contaminations. From small liners to the largest Dolav liners, Hanmere can cater to a range of customers with different food manufacturing processes. We understand that the food manufacturers need to trust that their polythene supplier prioritises safety, so Hanmere maintains exceptionally high standards in our facility. We are accredited by the Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standard and are an approved M&S supplier. As we do everything in-house at our locations, we are able to maintain control of these high standards and offer a consistently excellent product to the food industry. Our polymers are designed to maintain our standards whilst utilising less plastic, leading to a better price for our customers with no compromise on safety.

Potatoes in container with blue tray liner


  • Used by leading food and drink manufacturers across Europe

  • Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standard (BRCGS)

  • Strong, cost-effective food-grade polythene

  • A range of proprietary materials designed for the food manufacturing industry

  • Hygiene-focused ‘tear-off’ reels available

  • Sizes to fit Euro, Dolav and other food tray sizes

  • All products 100% recyclable

Potatoes in dolav with lining
Potatoes in coloured dolav with liner

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