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At Hanmere, our aim is to be able to offer a solution for every step of your processes. In order to offer the best service to our customers, we not only extrude our own films in a range of colours, but are also able to print and convert in-house. We’ll work in close collaboration with your team to ensure that your polythene products are packaged and presented in the way that best suits your business. Working alongside businesses of all sizes, from bluechips to SMEs, we are able to provide everything you need from beginning to end.

Machinery producing tray and dolav liners

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No matter your industry, we’re able to supply polythene products to support your processes, from plastic packaging for food to pharmaceutical products.  We create strong, safe, flexible products that are made to the highest standards and accredited by leading professional bodies. 

Our Core Range

Hankraft products


Designed to be safer, more stable and stronger, Hankraft is made to improve on the paper sack. With a paper-like outer layer and a strong multi-layer structure beneath, Hankraft is puncture resistant, low-slip and water resistant. The matt or sheen surface is available in a range of colours and can be stitched and heat sealed to meet your requirements. Ideal for use as a sustainable plastic packaging solution in the food industry and other sectors. 

  • Compliant with European regulations for materials in contact with food

  • Takes up less than a quarter of the space of an equivalent paper sack

  • 50% lighter than a paper sack of the same size

  • Reducing your carbon footprint

  • Easier to recycle when replacing polythene lined paper sacks

As with everything made by Hanmere, products made from Hankraft are 100% recyclable to ensure an environmentally aware end product.

Carrots in tray with liner


Made to protect your products as they are processed, GS69 is a light to medium-weight high performance film that is ideal for lining crates, trays and boxes. Engineered to be stronger than conventional film whilst using less raw materials, GS69 is a more cost-effective product that is easy-opening, non-blocking and exceptional freezing capabilities.

  • Can be made with a blend of polymer grades for different barrier characteristics

  • Available in boxed, flatpack or a tear-off roll format

  • In-house print facilities can add logos, warning notices and further personalisations

As a flagship product for Hanmere, GS69 is compliant with the M&S G4 guideline requirements, as well as European regulations.

pasta in food packaging plastic sack


Our high-performance, three-layer co-extruded film is made to be a versatile replacement for the films used at any stage during your packaging processes. Able to withstand heavier requirements due to its innovative three layer makeup, the Tri-Ex film is still lighter than traditional films, reducing your packaging waste costs due to lower material usage weights.

  • Strong enough to be used for freezing, remaining easily openable and non-blocking

  • Blendable to provide a range of barrier characteristics

  • Available to be printed in up to six colours

Made using prime virgin food grade polymers that comply with European Regulations and our environmental goals of an 100% recyclable product range.

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